Tonight I drove into a car

Tonight I drove into a car.

I was trying to get into a space outside my house, it was tight, but I thought I could make it. I didn’t… the time I got up the road, parked and ran back down, the car had gone……

I haven’t had an accident in five years, and its a sad reflection of my current state of mind. I thought I was home dry, 10 months to go, IVA finished, Married to a lovely man, looking forward to saving for a mortgage getting our own home….

Since my last post, my spirits are to be frank on the floor, I honestly feel worse know then when my own little world came crashing round my ears, probably because I felt that I could speak to my family about the situation. This time I don’t think I can. I love my OH, he’s an idiot, but hes not malicious, or unkind, he works hard, he trys his hardest, but he is just absolutely and uterrly rubbish with money. I can just imagine my familys reaction, erm have a bit of a financial problem, Really AGAIN……..

Stressed and upset, some positivity needed.

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Dark Horse

Had a bit of a shock this week, finally got the OH to let me do a credit check…………………..

Its not ‘ideal’ , he has approximately 7 to 8 creditors with over £6k in defaults and what looks like a ccj for £4k. He also had a letter yesterday re an outstanding payday loan for £800 which i can not see on either credit expert or noodle, and he has no idea what any of the defaults are for or even if they are his…….

He was really upset, said he couldn’t tell me because he knew what I had previously been through and he thought that if he told me then I would leave him and call the wedding off.

I’m upset, more so because I am so damn pedantic about money I can honestly imagine how terrified he probably was to say anything. At least know its in the open, and I have said to him it could have been worse it could have been £45k which I was in debt for before I took the IVA. People in glass green houses shouldn’t throw stones…..

So whats the best option, as he is not even sure if the debt is his, do we get in touch and risk having more debt collectors knocking at his door, do we leave it , leave it and try and sort it out after my IVA has finished………

I have no idea so I have posted a question on the forum, really hoping one of the experts can help

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I’m going on a Holibobs !!!!

Well after a very depressing couple of months, my Fiance got a little payout for PPI, so he is taking us on a holiday to Tunisia on Sunday, yippeeee !!!

Its All Inclusive, so no need to pay anything when we get there and my sister has lent me ‘holiday clothes’ so I havent had to buy any !!!

Can not wait, and its my Birthday when I get back………

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Its been a while !!!

I sent all my PPI answers back to GT today (all nil).  Whlst I was gathering all the paperwork together I ‘noticed’ that between 2007 and 2009 I actually reconsolidated my major loan twice to the tune of £11,000 , which I used to pay off some of the balance on my MBNA account….. and I still ended up with a £25k bank loan and over £13k on the MBNA card and then another £10k on an egg card.

I am Mortified.

Looking through the transactions again I am still surprised at the  level of spending , its like there is no tomorrow. Its all ‘I want, I will have, and damn the consequences’.

Well the consequences caught up with me and unfourtuntely that ‘tomorrow’ did turn up. The upside has been the IVA which has certainly turned my life round for the better.

However, in my final year, I find myself worrying again, what if I become that woman again…..

I suppose at the end of the day it will boil down to the strength of my character, and ensuring that I never forget how far I fell.

I will keep all my files for another seven years I think as a short sharp  reminder………………

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Flea allowance please…

Fleas ! We have Fleas!!! Do the cats not understand that I have fleaed them !!! Do the Fleas not realise that i’m in an IVA. Theres no allowance in my IVA for a Flea infestation !!! Stupid hot weather….

I have decided that what I should do is train the feckers and get myself a circus! Or I could start charging them rent.

Could you imagine the IPs face if I put additional income in my next reveiw , income from flea show te he, oooh and I could offset it with wear and tear on my ankles and additional blood donations from the cats…..

Although I’m having a giggle, its a nightmare ! I have made home made flea traps courtesy of you tube, they didnt jump in the water they jumped on me ! Lemon water on the cats, got scratched, flea comb on the cats, got scratched, bob martin spray on the floors, furniture etc, set my asthma off….

Had to resort to flea bombs (made the bf do that one !!!), frontline and a super dupper spray from the vets, so feeling uber skint as i’ve used some of my savings.

Ahh well



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I am sad to say that my Mother In Law to be passed away quite suddenly on Monday Morning. She was a very brave lady and at least no one had to make the decision with regard to her dialysis as she passed away in her sleep.

I have thought about this post a lot this week, and I’m really struggling to put my thoughts together coherently…

My lovely Mother in Law had neither life insurance, insurance on the mortgage nor had any provisions been made for her funeral. As you can expect although the family knew that she was on borrowed time, they did not expect her to go so quickly and had never spoken to her about any of the above and it was a big shock to some that none of the above was in place.

This has caused further stress in an already stressful situation.

All of this has made me ponder…If you are elderly, ill, if you have an elderly parent and your in an IVA how do you plan, budget for such an eventuality. An average cremation is anyting from £3k to £4k, as far as I know theres no provision in the average I & E for potentially expensive insurance policies or prepaid funeral plans. I suppose you could take a payment break but I think you would have to have a very understanding IP, and I would also assume that if the person who died was in the IVA then that debt would be written off , but what would happen if there was equity in a property, or some surplus funds found in a forgotten bank account ???

In my ponderings its also led me to wonder what makes you an overspender, not a saver. Is it the example that your parents set you as you were children, is it that credit used to be so easy to get, is it circumstances in your life have changed and you were unable to change with it….

My family is very much like my partners family,both familys have six children, mom mostly stayed at home looking after the kids, Dad worked. Money was always tight but that was ok because it was for everyone that we knew. We all worked from our early teens, paper rounds , shop work etc, and as adults we have all gone into ‘professional work’ and have done well for ourselves…

But apart from a couple of family members either side I would say that the rest of us are struggling financially. I have a sister who declared bankrupt and I’m in an IVA, the OH and other menmbers of his family have no savings and no idea how to budget, therefore the split cost of the funeral is a massive struggle..

All I can take out of this week is speak to your parents, ensure that they are covered in some way and dont be shy to ask what they actually want for their funeral, at the least get them to write it down in a letter in event of death, get a will sorted, and most importantly ensure that the knowledge, tips, tricks,  I have gained on my IVA journey are imparted to my nearest and dearest…….

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The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good review done sending tomorrow

The Bad got second degree burns on my left arm Saturday , along with face and neck … no pork next fathers day, and another trip to a and e Wednesday

The Ugly OH mom been told to come off dialysis as its no longer working… you are going to die but you have to make the choice to stop the dialysis dialysis die of kidney failure, but it’s your choice!


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Time Flys

I’ve just had my 4th year review document s through the post, WOW I’ve managed 4 years !!! It is really hard to believe that I have come such a long way. I have gone from being a addicted shopping wreck who couldn’t open her post, to a super saving spreadsheet whiz kid who enjoys saving !!!!

This review I actually feel quite good, I’ve managed to keep my expenses at the same level as last year, and the PAY E changes mean I have a little extra, lol well unless it’s taken off me !

My little family of animals are doing well , Dave is off to Bunny boot camp and he may find himself a Mrs Dave.

All the plants are doing well especially the potatoes and cabbages.

And I have given the OH a budget………….we are getting married next year !!!!!

Seeing the cardiologist on the 21st fingers crossed !!!!

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Its official l am old

Well I thought I would share this nugget as it has really made me laugh.

I went on a hen weekend to Brighton, only did one night, due to money constraints….

Well was stood in a queue waiting to get into a bar recommended by one of my fellow hen partiers partners son, he works at the bar and was supposed to have a bit of rock then 80s…….

Bargain we thought……

NO … we got escorted out of the queue by the bouncer….ladies he said I don’t think this is the venue for you, go to the funky fish it’s more your age range ! …..

I’m a young 42 … ok my heart is a bit old lol !

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Feelin a tadge crazy daisy…….

I’ve had a fairly decent five months of the year, I won blog of the week, and I only have just over a year left on my iva so was feeling very optimistic.

However I have high blood pressure, had it for 25 years, however I haven’t been feeling very well. After fighting with my doctor for three years he has know referred me to a cardiologist as there are changes in my ecg, I’m having palpitations and chest and arm pains. I’m really trying not to panic……

Problem is I only get statutory sick leave from work , that’s not going to cover my rent let alone my iva and other essential bills…

It’s been to hard a slog to fail at this point……

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